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Operation & Services

Ordering / Payment Terms

-  We accept standard forms of payment for our sauna product

   sales including cash, check or debit-credit cards

- All factory purchases of portable saunas must be paid in

   full prior to order-shipment processing. Custom sauna kits and

   modular custom saunas ordered from the factory require a 50%

   deposit with the order. The balance is due when the product is delivered

   to the customer or stored at our facility at customer's request.

- Inventoried products may be secured by means of a

   15% non-refundable deposit

Sales of Helo Sauna Products
Our store provides the full line of Helo sauna products to customers residing in Sacramento Valley locations.
We are typically available to greet you and show you our Helo products but we do not have scheduled open hours where customers can walk in. We require prior contact by phone, text or email. We are very accommodating to make sure that we don't miss you. Helo saunas are too good to miss. 
Sacramento Sauna delivers sauna units throughout the Sacramento Valley region. We offer full service delivery by Sacramento Sauna employees for every sauna, with some restrictions based on size of sauna and difficulty of delivery.

(Special delivery costs such as electrical contracting, extra crew needed for a difficult delivery or size of sauna, deliveries to destinations beyond our normal delivery area, out of state, etc. are not included).


All new sauna units will arrive thoroughly protected. Delivery crates are used for the purpose of delivery only and returned to Sacramento Sauna after the delivery is completed. We do all the work. Our employees will put your new sauna where you want it. If installed, we remove the wrapping and clear away the mess. We carefully assemble all components, and then show you how it operates. We will also provide with detailed recommendations as to how to use your sauna.

Unless your sauna is specifically described as an “outdoor” sauna your sauna must be placed indoors. All such “indoor” saunas must be placed within reach of sufficient electrical receptacles and be given the recommended space between it and your adjoining interior wall or walls.

Custom-cut sauna packages may require the use of an independent contractor. Ask for details.

Questions? Sales and service staff are a phone call away. We’re here to help you enjoy your new sauna to the utmost.

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