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What To Think About . . .  

When Buying A Sauna Room From Sacramento Sauna Supply


First Decision .. Infrared Versus Traditional Hotrock

Both infrared and traditional saunas will provide the heat required too cause profuse sweating.

Traditional Hotrock Heat

Sauna temps  140⁰-185⁰+ F

Humidity  You control

Sweating temps  Hi temp needed to induce sweating

Comfort Levels  Bathers enjoy pouring water on rocks to create steam and raise humidity level .. creating a much hotter experience

Steam vs. Infrared  Steam helps moisten nasal passages and allows use of aromatherapy by mixing essential oils with the water

Sauna Start-Up  Allow 30-40 min. for sauna to warm-up

Session times  Recommended 10-15 minutes

Infrared Heat

Sauna temps  120⁰-140⁰ F

Humidity  No humidity

Sweating temps  Goal is not to achieve high temps .. infrared emitters generate deep penetrating heat

Comfort Levels  Bathers will feel hot and sweat profusely .. but at a lower overall sauna temperature

Steam vs. Infrared  Far Infrared energy penetrates the skin more deeply and warms the muscles & joints

Sauna Start-Up  Allow 30-40 min. for sauna to warm-up

Session times  You can use the sauna about 10 minutes after it’s turned on .. some prefer to wait until sauna is around 110⁰ F

Infrared radiation is similar to the sun, but exceedingly safe.​ The ideal temperature range for proper wavelength creation is 120⁰ – 140⁰ F (49 ⁰ – 60 ⁰ C).

Planning Ahead

Remember ... ample space, electrical supply and site preparation are your responsibility.
Electrical Connections

Helo sauna rooms all require an electrical connection. Consideration of available power would be effected by size and current required for each model of sauna room. All sauna units operate on circuits using standard breakers, properly sized for the heater(s) according to the National Electric Code. Traditional saunas (hotrock) normally require 240 volt power supply often requiring the services of an electrical contractor. For the standard Infrared saunas, they can be plugged in to normal household 120 volt outlets (15 and 20 amp). Your Sacramento Sauna representative will detail the electrical requirements of the sauna that you select. NOTE: Gas, water connections and floor drains are NOT REQUIRED for our sauna rooms. 

Delivery Access

For product delivery we will ask about access to the spot in your residence that you plan to use for your new sauna. We will need to know if there are steps, stairways, lawns to traverse or any other obstacles or impediments to moving large heavy boxes. Also, how close our truck can get to the house and how far we must we move the boxes are factors for determining any additional delivery cost. 

Space Requirements

Space requirements for each model of Helo sauna room must be considered. Model sizes are listed with our dealer information. Wall and ceiling clearance and acceptable flooring and floor support should be addressed.  

Outdoor Sauna Prep

All Finnleo and Leisurecraft outdoor sauna models require a solid, flat and level surface to insure proper assembly. Floor surfaces recommended are wood decking, or concrete. Use of pavers for a floor surface is only acceptable when the completed paver surface has no high spots and the sauna floor frame makes even contact at all points.

Portable Sauna Locations Indoors

Portable saunas also include a base/floor that supports the weight of all other panels and components. These sauna models must also be located on a solid, flat and level surface to insure proper assembly.

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